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The Fielder's Choice Story


Tommy’s focus on baseball began at a young age. He transitioned from a successful in youth player into a promising college prospect, playing 3 years for Central Missouri State University and 1 year for the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Tommy and his college teammates enjoyed tremendous success, including a 2003 Division II National Championship at CMSU. Tommy spent his professional playing career in the American Association. After multiple seasons with the Shreveport Captains, Tommy ended his career in 2009.

In addition to athletic success, Tommy’s college career included 2 events critical to paving the way to what would become Fielder’s Choice. First, during his time living in Manhattan, KS, Tommy worked part time as a paraeducator in Manhattan Public Schools. It was here that he first discovered and cultivated a talent for working and communicating with kids. Second, and perhaps most important, he met Alison.

Alison was also active in various youth sports, but switched her focus to academics during high school and college. She graduated with a degree in marketing from Kansas State University in 2006, and spent the next several years exploring management opportunities in multiple industries.

The culmination of these experiences, Fielder’s Choice opened in 2013. The first location is a facility purpose-built for baseball and softball instruction, designed with a mission to develop confidence in young people. This mission would continue to grow and evolve with the introduction of the first academy team, the Jesters, in 2015. Fielder’s Choice expanded its reach to serve even more kids in 2016 with the addition of the Wichita Aeros Baseball and Wichita Bombers Softball teams.

In 2017, Fielder’s Choice added a clubhouse facility to provide an additional team-focused environment for both academy teams and independent teams. This addition also served to help establish a partnership with Elite Athletic Training, whose focus is to promote general fitness and athleticism in both children and adults.

Fielder’s Choice continues to welcome new ideas and experiences, as well as explore and pursue opportunities to serve more kids in more ways, always with the same mission in mind: To use athletics and fitness to develop confidence in kids.


Why We Love Our Job!


I love coming to work everyday knowing that what I'm doing positively affects young athletes and helps them build bright futures for themselves.




Working at Fielder's Choice is like being part of a family. We collaborate, debate, and have a great time... All while our kids play together in the facility.




Being able to share my passion for the game with kids is the best part of my job. If a kid decides not to pursue athletics as a career, at least I know I've done my part to create a life-long love of baseball.




The most rewarding thing about working at Fielder's Choice is seeing a girl go from being shy and unsure of herself to being confident. I love to see the huge difference in the way they carry themselves after a few lessons - some of them are like night and day!



Our Program

At Fielder's Choice we are committed to improving skills and increasing confidence. From the moment you walk in, you notice... we're here for your kids. We'll meet them where they are in their skills and strive each and every lesson to help them improve and build their self-esteem.


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